CometEngage Beta Now Live!

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It gives me great pleasure to announce the launch of CometEngage! CometEngage enables your users to talk to you and your team. We are launching our beta with a small set of core features. These features will help you get off the ground immediately. But it’s a long way from where to aspire to be.

Hmmm…. sounds familiar

For those of you who are confused between CometChat and CometEngage, here is a simple example- say you have a dating site. To get your users to talk to each other, you will use CometChat. To get your users to talk to you, you will use CometEngage.

A separate product?

Well, here are some features that differentiate CometEngage from CometChat:

* View visitors in real-time (including the page they are on, the country they are from etc.)
* When a visitor messages, the message will be shown to all online agents. Once an agent responds, the visitor will directly interact with that agent only. Other agents can jump into the conversation if need be.
* Agents can be logged in via the web or mobile. They will always be able to stay in touch with site visitors.
* Agents can view the visitor’s browser screen and assist them.
* Agents can view what visitors are typing even without them sending the message. Think of it as reading their minds!

Beta now available

Go ahead and sign up for our beta. We are constantly collecting feedback (drop us an email if you like) and will be releasing almost every single day until we reach stability.

That’s all for now

Our CometEngage apps will be available in the Google Play and Apple iTunes store in a week or two.